Oct 2019


Written by George Musiwa


Saint | Ebube Feat. Ephraim - Download


Saint Lungu are my full names,a praise and worship leader,song writter and assistant choir director at Winners Chapel Intentional Libala. Am a full time born again Christian and believer. Have recorded 2 Gospel albums so far,first Album (This Kind God) which featured the likes of Stan Chipuma and Regina Mwanza,produced by Victor Nyalazi at SSV studios was released in 2014. I recorded and released my second Album(Time Bomb) in 2018 at Vintage Studios with Mixtizo and at Rhythm Studios with Sheka Sheka. Am a proudly married man and Ebube Dike which simply means Glorious King or Mighty Worrier an Ibo Nigerian language will be my first single as a married man. About my music ministry,my mandate is to reach out Africa with songs of healing and deliverance.  With this mandate for Africa I have personally increased my love for our beautiful blessed continent. It's for this reason that I have done most of my songs in different African languages,it's also the reason also the reason why Ebube Dike has 4 languages in one song, Bemba one of our Zambian local language, Ibo from Nigeria and Tswana from Botswana and South Africa. My original home town is Chingola were it all started from but now based in Lusaka with my beautiful family.