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Tuesday March 26, 2019

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Dec 2016
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Rastel, Born Kapembwa Rastel Mwambazi II is a Christian Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, poet and above all a born again Christian. He was born in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. Coming from a humble background, Rastel always had a passion for art. Growing up he was exposed to different music genres but Hip-Hop became his favorite drawing influence from Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Big L just to mention a few.

In 2008 aged 11, Rastel, aka Wordsmith, started writing down his own lyrics with his cousins in a group called P.A.K Unit and together they wrote several songs but didn't record any of them as their parents ecnouraged them to concentrate on school instead. Rastel’s musical career came to life in 2012 when he got into high school and met his friend and label mate B.A.N.K.S Music, together they recorded their first song as a duo and later they linked up with different producers and then started working on solo projects which earned him respect as an underground Emcee.

After having an Encounter with God he realized that the purpose of his life was to serve God and it’s at that moment that he gave his life to Christ. Rastel is now a born again Christian fulfilling his purpose on earth. He is also a co-founder of a record label called Redeemed As Promised also known as R.A.P. The label aims at creating platforms for young people with the passion for art toinspire po sitivity to the world through music, poetry, motivational talks and fashion and blogging.


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