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Wednesday January 17, 2018

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Dec 2016
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Untitled EP - Downlod


  1. Hospital For The Broken Ft. Peter - Download
  2. ILLOVO - Download
  3. Money - Download
  4. Not Perfect - Download
  5. L.O.V.E - Download


I'm Tadala Daniel Kasinjeni, born on 3 January 1999 raised in Malawi Lilongwe. I started music at the age of 8 and i was inspired by my late cousin SKA, he was a rapper in the early 20s. My father encouraged me to sing in a church choir but my dreams were of being a famous rapper on earth and i recorded my first secular song called Hustle Ya Mughetto that was produced by Crack. Upon giving my life to Christ at the age of 14 my focus changed from fame, fortune and girls to serving and ministering the Gospel. Rappers like Morality C, Taxious, Baxxy, Mastermind and Crack helped me to improve in the music industry. I am a solo artist without record label. I boosted my carrier at Dedza Government Secondary School and I once won a rap competition that gave me a picture to use the power in music.  "God blessed me with the gift of rhymes and I'll always use his power in music as long as I live". I recorded my first Gospel song in 2013 and I’ve been working with both local and international artists. In 2016 I released my compilation called The Hospital For The Broken that i am selling. Music is a calling to me and I’m using my talents to win souls. We're not of the world and we're supposed to have a name in heaven not on earth that's why my EP is also Untitled. It's like a child that has no name he pays attention to any name that he hears or he pays no attention at all. So we're supposed to pay attention to God when he calls and not to anything in the world.

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