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Monday February 19, 2018

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Apr 2017
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Seya (Say-ah) is a passionate and artsy person. “I want to use my gifts and talents to bring healing and to  provide or “voice”  a God perspective on various issues of life.” She has been singing most of her life but for significant part of her adult life, theatre and film played a big role.  In her teen and young adult life, she  worked as 2nd gaffer for award winning film Suwi (feature film, first co-production between Zambia and Finland in 2008). She wrote and directed a short film called Kayemba in 2010 (as part of a 3 month film internship in Helsinki, Finland). She got back to her first love music when she featured in Pompi’s MIZU album (Mulungu Samagona, Packaging, to name a few). Seya also featured on his 2nd album Broken English (Zoz Azoz). She has  featured on Abel Chungu’s album Worship of a Love Revolutionary (Grace) as well as Mag44’s title track for his album Jijue. She was part of a short lived female singing duo Flow1ne that released two hit singles Gwesa and Zikomo. Seya is currently pursuing a solo project in the studio as well as pursuing other musical related collaborations with various artists. For now look out for her singles.

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