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Monday May 21, 2018

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May 2017
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 Josh, God's son, purpose-driven, artistic, passionate and worship centered. If you ask other people they'd tell you, "Stomach-driven, bundu, sleepy and food centered" simply put, don't ask other people lol.

Born and bred in Zambia, I started rapping in like late 2009 and pioneered the rap trio called 911 with A.O and Tony. Music to me is more than just music that I listen to and enjoy, to me it’s something I feed off of. I know music has power because I’ve experienced it first hand and I can tell you this; Jesus plus Music make the perfect blend!

Therefore, what I aim to do with my music is to give hope, and speak words of life that lift people up at any time. Because of this I put a lot of my heart and passion into the music I do... What's in my heart is what you'll hear me speak.

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