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Wednesday December 12, 2018

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Sep 2017
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Graduated In Jesus (G.I.J) is a youth group aimed at enlightening the youths of this generation about Christ and how we as children of God should carry ourselves.

"Jesus Christ being the only qualification to attaing salvation. Graduated In Jesus is the metaphor on how to live, understanding that Christ Jesus did everything and all you have to do is follow him and live as he did"

The group was founded in 2011 by John Mwansa (Saints), Bruce Kalibo (Surgents) and Chama Nebert Chipasha (D-ray). Guided by the motto "Living Like One", living like Christ did, as a platform for Ministery.

In an effort to reach out to young people, the group set it's forcus on making Jesus Christ a standard for the youths by using God given talents such as poetry, music, drama etc, to spread the word of God.

Having been ushered into Salvation by Gospel Music, music become a real passion for the group to reach out to like minds (youths) through this powerful tool. The group later on grew (still grows) and compensated for other forms of Ministry aswell such as poetry and drama.

G.I.J is an interdominational group, a family that seems to understands the importance of unity and love as reflected in their motto, which clearly can be seen in the way they minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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