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Feb 2018
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keep swimmn

 Keep Swimming - Download

Deep thoughts expressed in spoken word. The Nativez' artist Malachi will challenge your mind with his art.


 Roar - Download


M'tande Eric Mwale, born 27th December 1996 in Kitwe City, is a Zambian recording artist also known by his stage name 'Malachi' and signed to The Nativez.

Born M'tande Eric Mwale on the 27th of December 1996 in the city of Kitwe, Malachi is a rapper, poet and songwriter currently signed to The Nativez. His interest in writing began at the age of 12 but only became a career option after he moved to Lusaka and began to actively participate in rap battles and other artistic events. This eventually led to him being invited to participate in the 2015 Bittersweet Poetry Slam in which he emerged victorious earning him a place in Zambia's poetry scene. After a succession of appearances at various shows throughout Lusaka, Malachi in partnership with Bittersweet Poetry hosted his debut show called Scars of Love in February 2017.

Since then his presence in the Zambian art scene has continued to be felt through his skillful and sometimes very personal lyrics. Malachi combines both spoken word and music into his work thereby making him a very diverse and unique artist.

With Africa, power and pain being the major contents of his work Malachi is definitely one artist that has presented himself as not only an entertainer but as an inspirational and very educative figure.

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