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Thursday April 26, 2018

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Mar 2018
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I am a 21 year old upcoming Artist/Producer/Singer-songwriter with a passion to minister the Gospel Of Christ to The world. I was raised  in a family of Musicians and Singers and i am a Preachers Kid. For a long time i did not want to be identified as one because of the pressure the society has put on us to be just like our Fathers. But everything changed when i gave my life to Jesus Christ  (and Yes salvation niweka weiiither your father is a pastor or not)

My pursuit for Christ made me start a campaign Called "Baza Ziba Bwanji" taken from Romans 10vs14 which is a scripture asking us how is it people are going to know Christ If we don't Preach the Gospel. Hence Baza Ziba Bwanji. My greatest desire with this movement is to see a Christian Community that is united. My heart is filled with so much passion to see a united Church that will be able to accommodate the people we evangelize to with all the love God has shown us. Jerusalem first then to the ends of the world.

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