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Tuesday September 29, 2020
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Feb 2020
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Every person experiences fear and at some point in life each one has to come face to face with it. Geo shares his story of how he has been an artist for long while struggling with a fear of failure.

Quick summary about who Geo is: An artist and music producer who first stepped into mainstream artistry as a dancer as far back as the year 2000 while in his early teen years. Today, he has added sound engineer & motion picture director to his work. (Read Geo’s biography here ).

Geo’s story:

“How come I’m still here? Under this  statement lies an ocean of misunderstood emotions and fear. Looking back at when I started dance at 12 years old, it’s been a long journey. Like any teen, I had dreams of making it big but so many things unfolded differently for me. Never became the star I wanted to be. But that’s life right? Maybe!

"We all want to be successful in life; at everything we do. I remember standing in the kitchen with my late mother having conversations about my career - I chose music. Out of love she urged me to get a corporate job and I did. For a while, being in a secure place felt good but there is a power in passion and calling that just drives us back from wrong engagements. I quit and pursued a not-so-secure career as a sound engineer, music producer and artist. With it came a lot of stress for a couple of years. Being reduced to searching for lost coins in house seats to get airtime and look for money is emotionally heavy. That was me. Lack of security only fueled my fear as this could have been the wrong path. I still had to keep on chasing the same goal to be established in my calling as a creative."

"Fast forward, I’ve had the privilege of working with artists across Africa and writing music which I have seen impact lives. Amidst all this has been a fear of failure. I won’t be poetic and say it’s the fear that fuels me. No. It’s actually what has broken my spirit often. I would look back at how I have fellow soldiers in the game like Mag44, Pompi, Abel and others and then fall into the trap of comparison. That one is poison. A fear that I still have to fight till today. Feels like ghosts tormenting my mind with statements like “”you started at the same time but look at you now.””

...then fall into the trap of comparison. That one is poison

Aside from that, the pressure to stay relevant is another monster. Beat making sessions are sometimes an emotional nightmare when no one is looking. Sometimes I think by this time I should be an old school artist; I mean... many of my age mates have even retired music anyway. Now I find myself asking this question: How am I still here? Its been long enough for this whole music thing to be tiring. The sour feeling of being the oldest in a room or concert filled with new wave artist can be the worst but, how come I’m still here?"

Beat making sessions are sometimes an emotional nightmare when no one is looking

While I’m caught up in the emotion of fear, God has reminded me that my mission can’t be the same as everyone else’s. That’s what I’d like to say to anyone going through what I constantly struggle with. “Success is not a number, it’s faithful labor.” - KB

Whatever lies ahead, I pray that I will end strong and overcome these fears. They may never be absent but may they always be under my feet. I share this part of my life cause’ I want someone out there to know that though some of us seem successful, we have the same fear & challenges.

I pray that I overcome. I pray the same for you.

 Come Again Artwork Download Geo's single 'Come Again' here

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