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Monday April 12, 2021
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Feb 2020
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Come Again – Lyrics

Verse 1
I wanna have peace of mind
this has never been a crime
They treat me like an outcast, yeah
Hoping I’ll be downcast
Can I walk the streets like a free man
Can I share this love like I’m God’s child
Cause when I’m gone it’s a wrap
So I’ll be on-on your back


I’ve been given freely I’ll let me know the dealy’
I’ll be in they’ face and they will be catching feelings
I don’t know the reason but they don’t want the message nah
If you’re repping God they be hating on you like

These people don’t like me
They always wanna strike me
Spittin’ in my face yeah
Even though they pull me down
I’ll come again I’ll come again
Even they pull me down I come again
I’ll come again I’ll come again
They pull me down I’ll come back again

I’ll be in your face like, so
Sini yenda kuli konse, no

Verse 2
They think I’m wasting they’re time
I’m not what they had in mind
They want God but maybe not now
In the mean time they wanna go wild
Iza vutako yozi konda so
Kukana mulungu nimu sokonezo
They thinking they can handle it but I don’t believe that
Coming with this message cause

Don’t you get tired preach the gospel
Everybody dies if they never hear the gospel yeah
Don’t you get tired never give up
Don’t you get tired never give up, give up
If you step up they won’t like you

If you preach to them they will hate you
But don’t you get tired never give up
Don’t you get tired never give up, give up

 Come Again Artwork Download Geo's single 'Come Again' here


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