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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Dec 2016
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Singer Taonga is back to grace us with a follow up single since he last released “Amafupa Yabenenomweo”. The new song called “My delight”, is beautifully laid worship song that is riddled with keys in the background.

On the song, he praises God and places his whole being and trust in the Lord. He featured Zaithwa, a Malawian artist. Beautifully written, the song itself shows the incredible growth Taonga has already garnered in such a short time and on his second release.

“I wrote the song because of the challenges I was meeting in my personal life. I was inspired by a preaching from my aunt that came at just the right time. It spoke into my life. Basically, to stop worrying and putting emphasis on troubles but focusing on the Lord who is my joy” Taonga said. “When the tune came to my mind the first time, I had not known it was a bible verse.” He said smiling. He talks about working with a Malawian artist, Zaithwa.

“She introduced me to Substance Music.” He revealed about the recording studio & label he often collaborates with to mix and master his music. “I do not go for names, I see potential in others and see the kind of person someone is, and Zaithwa is just the right person who I relate to. She was the best person for this song, she is a happy person just like me and encourages me.”

Impressed with his press photos, I asked Taonga how he handles his brand. Taonga laughed said he gives spiritual advice to friends online. Clearly it is not a marketing gimmick at all but something he is deeply invested in; seeing people’s lives personally transformed. “My Delight” is Taonga’s second studio single since his debut that was well received. Word was on the first day of premiering, his first track had 600 downloads which is more than average for a new kid on the block.

I asked Taonga if there will be songs without features in the future, and he confirmed this. “I plan a double release at some point in the future, one will feature someone and the other is a solo song.” The singer also revealed how feedback from his first release has helped him grow at such a tremendous rate. “I heard constructive criticism and it has helped me, I take everything whether seemingly bad or good. I heard it and put the feedback to good use.” If “My Delight” and his heart is anything to go by, Taonga will make a mark in gospel music in a very short time. He is a unique singer who is being carved out right before our very own eyes, and will surprise many. You read it here first.

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