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Wednesday July 08, 2020
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Dec 2016
Category: News


This was definitely a long awaited event; the building up of hype to the Mubanga album release was exciting and consistent. Now its official, we have the new Esther Chungu all to ourselves.

The brave only Music signed artist has enjoyed massive radio airplay with the release of her new singles Runaway Child and Jehovah. This has included reigning on the top spot on Radio Christian Voice for upto 6 weeks as voters' choice power jam (heavy rotation); only 3 other artists have achieved this feat including Olivia, Zion and Mikrophone7 who each won weeks in a row. On December 2nd Esther Chungu performed live in front of a packed venue and displayed true musical art and proved that has grown into a very mature artist. She has probably now secured her own place in the Zambian music industry.

esther stage

Esther uniquely embodies genuine African elements in her vocal performance on her debut album. This has clearly spelt over into her live performances in which she doublessly owns the stage. The new album is not an extension of her first 'Shooting Star' single but more of an expression of her musical diversity...that's a good thing; It includes features such as James Sakala, Pompi and more and has been crafted by a good team of writers and musicians.

Congratulations to Esther Chungu for the successful launch of Mubanga.


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