Dec 2016
Category: News


When it comes to this talented artist, you best believe the hype. Keisha plans to close off the year with a brand new single.

The hype around Keisha has been quite interesting the past year. She first came on the scene with little known songs to this day, but she went on to be loved by a huge fan base with the release of radio hit single Siyabonga and the soulful Broken Mirror. She has mastered how to relate with her followers on social media and remained relevant even with relative musical silence.

This release is probably what Keisha needs to make a statement in the music industry, that is, is she really going to last long? Is this song worth the wait or will we be on to the next thing after the first listen? We are about to find out. This is the part where we now put a label on her.

There's a lot one can expect from a young and raw artist walking in musical freedom as Keisha The Black Rose is. Let's wait and see what's coming.

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