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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Dec 2016
Category: News


This year Power FM Uganda hosted Phat Fest which is one of East Africa's largest Urban music festivals. Guess who was the surprise performing artist...it was Mag44.

So yeah! this is what happens when hit singles go viral accross Africa; You remember the single Vichani? That song launched out Mag44 who has now become a popular artist in Zambia and East Africa. However you look at it, being a surprise performing artist is no "small deal." One thing you may not know is the rapper/producer has been nominated more than once in the Groove Awards which are the highest level gospel music awards in Kenya.

tio phat

Who else rocked Phat Fest this year? Tio. He may be on the low right now in his motherland but the buzz has crossed over boarders. Of course Tio comes from way back when we had little to no R&B artists with such charisma. Plus, the Badman Sobre also tagged along as one of the main artists at the same show. The likes of Pompi have also frequented Uganda for Phat Fest and other concerts and are obviously a favourite already.

sobre phat1

So in more ways than one, it is safe to say Zambian music artists are now making it big in Africa; a dream come true for pioneers that have gone before the current generation.

What we see here is a testimony of hard work paying off following consistency. That right there is encouragement that we can certainly achieve a lot when we put our hands to work

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