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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Jan 2017
Category: News

experience woman2

You may have observed the silent not-so-detailed buzz created by Trinah, Esther Chungu and Chileshe Bwalya, some of Zambia's most loved gospel female artists.

So far all we know is that March 10th 2017 is going to be a big day as these powerful voices continue on their collision course. The event is called Woman and seems to imply a focus on the uniqueness and strength of the African woman.

Is it going to be an entertaining concert? A worship event?  Doesn't really matter when it's this kind of artist combination. But looking at their genres, we can most likely expect a worship Thebespackage. Each of these ladies is on fire and at a point where their careers are taking a leap in the right direction;  Esther Chungu just released her album, Trinah is on a row delivering great live performances and Chileshe Bwalya is enjoying success as the newest addition of household names in Zambia with over 100,000 YouTube views.

If you missed the Experience concert by Mag44 and Pompi then you may be in the dark about this new trend in shows - nothing short of explosive. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on The Nativez as we bring you more updates on Woman.

experience woman

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