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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Jan 2017
Category: News


Till this point,  many don't know where to place James Sakala. Is he gospel or what? Well, we can all agree it's authentic music we want to listen to and now his debut album will help us understand him more.

James should be listed among few artists that have enjoyed massive success without an album in the shortest period of time. He is unique and stands out as a folk or traditional music genius alongside big names like Mumba Yachie. The time is definitely ripe for an album to drop as James has gained momentum and discovered his relevance to the Zambian and international community.

Insale week be launched on 11 February at The Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka. James Sakala will be supported by Esther Chungu, Crazy Fish Band, Elect Band abs Evans.

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