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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Nov 2019
Category: Artists

Gospel Brothers Ndekunkula ART

Gospel Brothers | Ndekunkula - Download

Ndekunkula is the expression of giving reverance to God in total surrender. Like the way Africans behave when they are paying omerge to their chiefs, they bow down before his majesty. With the same African aproach, we are bowing down before our creator to give Him worship and have an encounter with our father in heaven.


Gospel Brothers is a team of three brothers in Christ that came together on 27th December, 2012, to reverance the Creator through the ministry of music. They are worshipers, song writers, song composers and event organizers. The group's members, Samuel Chanda Bwalya, Kennedy Bwalya Chileshe and Wenslance Makasa, are Chingola based youths that came together inspite belonging to different Church denominations. Their first album, 'Lesa Waluse' was released on 3rd March, 2015.

Kennedy and Samuel are Trainee Pastors at the Trans-African Christian university whilst Wenslance is a Pharmacy major at Evelyn Hone College University.

The group has done ministry in several parts of the country and shared stage with ministers such as Pastor Morris Musenge, Papa Bruno, Rev. Trachsel Mulilo and Pastor Gift Kaputula.

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