Apr 2017
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ab ep

For the first time since the start of their careers, Abel Chungu Musuka and Ephraim the Son of Africa will be collaborating for a live show coined The Worship Experience.

At one point in time the two could have been thought of as coming from different worlds where music is concerned; Abel Chungu with the Lotahouse crew with it’s R&B hip hop touch and Ephraim with his somewhat traditional gospel style. But the two are more alike than many may think and we didn’t all see this coming.

The worship experience is a concert that is a follow up to several events that have been hosted by ACM events. Now with the combined influences of Abel and Ephraim there is no room for doubt that the Worship Experience will be an amazing show. It is set for 16 June 2016 at Government Complex in Lusaka Zambia.