Apr 2017
Category: News


This April there is some heat coming from Keisha Tha Black rose.

There is always that young artist who does it better than everyone that’s trying too much: Kiesha is that artist. The first time she came on the music scene from nowhere, Keisha was an instant music ‘hit’ with songs like 'Siabonga' and 'Broken Mirror.' Just when it may have seemed like she would be a one hit wonder, she kept her grip on the industry with her music and continued to grow her influence through social media.

Recently, Keisha teamed with music producer gEO who wrote and produced her new single. gEO has also written Olivia’s radio hits including Dooda Doo, Dirty Mirror, Imagine Ft. Pompi and more; let’s see what a collaboration with Keisha will bring about. To spice it all up, rapper Livin2Die was added to the song: he is an artist that has stayed in the music industry in Zambia for quite a while. Livin2Die started out with Mag44 in a music duo once called BMW.

The new single by Keisha is titled Boza, a Nyanja word meaning “Lie/s.” The single is set to be released this April and may be exactly what will introduce a fresh version of Keisha.