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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Apr 2017
Category: News

Questions gEO

gEO Questions Ft. Esther Chungu - Download

gEO is a multi-talented Zambian rap artist and music producer. He is also founder of The Nativez Media and entertainment website The Nativez [www.thenativez.com]. 

Drawing influence from artists like Timbaland, J.R, Brandy, Gawvi and others, gEO has written and produced hit songs including Imagine, Dooda Doo and Dirty Mirror by Olivia. gEO produced the entire Go Hard 1&2 albums by S.L.I.C.E, one of which earned the group the CHAPRO Award for Best Hip Hop group in 2010. He also co-wrote and produced Heart Right Here by Jaya of Kenya which earned the title Techno Song of the year 2013 in Kenya's KMV Awards. gEO has also produced Echo’s NIZA EP, Mike-O's EP (Kenya), Olivia's Emotions EP (Zambia), Livin2Die’s Life Music album (Zambia), Dennis Red's Seven EP & Mass Hysteria album (Zambia). In 2014, he was voted Producer of the Year for 2013 on Retunes; a music platform with an Africa wide following. Other production work by gEO include music by Keisha, Wezi & KBG, Evans, Ludo, Magnifire, Debbie from Zambia, Suffix, KBG from Malawi and more.

He is an entertaining live performer combining rap, dance and piano playing. gEO actively promotes music across Africa on The Nativez website and hosts a weekly international entertainment podcast called The Nativez 411. He is a promising artist with increasing influence in the music/entertainment industry in Africa.

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