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Friday February 21, 2020
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Jul 2017
Category: News

geo new side

A New Side of Me: gEO explains his "bald" move:

"Filters have become so overused that we no longer know what's real anymore. Whether it's pictures or music, people don't see or hear what's authentic. I've had it! If no one else will open up, I will. This is a new side of me."

Those are the words of rapper & producer gEO. On his heartfelt mission to reach out to "broken people" he's switching up his style and content by walking the narrow path of openness on personal issues. There is new music coming and it's loaded with real life stories that will leave listeners wondering "why would he say that?"

Filters have become so overused that we no longer know what's real anymore

"The hurt can reach the hurt...the broken can touch the broken. That's where I've been, so if my story will help someone through their struggles then this is all worth it," gEO says.

So is this the motive behind the new bald look? It is safe to say when a man shaves off all his hair before he can speak then you might want to pay close attention.

Is openness an easy step for gEO as an artist? In his own words: "My next step in my music careeer actually scares me but I feel it's necessary for touching lives. It's a part of my growth and healing process as well from life's blows."

gEO is known for entertaining live music performances combining dance, percussion and piano playing. What is this new side he is about to let out the box? Let's watch and experiences.

My next step in my music careeer actually scares

Look out for new music by gEO this 2017 as he works with artists from Zambia & across Africa. Let us know what you think about gEO's music and this step he has taken.

About gEO: He is a Zambian based rapper and music producer. From the studio to the music stage, he has worked with the likes of Olivia, Maureen Lilanda, Da T.R.U.T.H, Mag44, Pompi, Tio, Esther Chungu, Wezi, Suffix, Dennis Red, The Lyricist, Sobre, Echo, Prince Siame and more. He is founder of The Nativez - a platform for music promotion and entertainment news (The Nativez 411). gEO is passionate about youth ministry and serves as a youth leader at Deliverance Church.

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