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Thursday May 23, 2019
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Mar 2018
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Inspired by gEO's songs: Lust Fight & Lust Fight Aftermath, The Nativez now launch the Win The Lust Fight t-shirts.

This is more than fashion. It is a statement about who we really are: Just human and in a daily battle with lust. It is a brand for the brave who are willing to die to self pleasure and it is a reminder that even though we may fall, we will still win in the end.

The color red on represents war and the pain of taking part in it. The lion represents strength. For the Christians, we believe the strong win, not in their strength but that of the Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ).

gEO's Lust Fight Aftermath was received well and spoke to and for a lot of people. Be challenged to fight and be bold knowing through Christ, you have the victory over lust. Will you fight and win the lust fight? Wear this tee and make your bold statement. Wear it as a reminder to yourself and others that you have all it takes through Christ who strengthens you. Lust Fight sequel: Download it here

Order yours, K150. Call: +260 968 068 640

LustFight gEO

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