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Thursday May 23, 2019
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Apr 2018
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We all may have been wondering just how come a Japanese lady has a Zambian name. And what exactly is she doing? Singing in Bemba?!!

She goes by the name Zion Mutale and up to this point has become a familiar face in Zambian gospel music. She has a couple of songs to her name and she is not planning to stop until God tells her "stop."

Might we start with explaining the name; When she became born again after three failed suicide attempts, she prayed to God for a new name and he gave her Zion. She later settled in Zambia and married Jasper Mutale with whom she served as a minister to the Zambian community. Interestingly enough, Zion only learned to speak English when she got to Zambia after which she also caught on the Zambian dialect. She now speaks Bemba and Nyanja and composes her music in these languages with a goal to minister to the Zambian people believing that the best way to be a missionary is reaching people in their language.

....I tried to commit suicide three times

Her music is heartfelt and comes from a place of gratitude to God for saving her life from two great tragedies. "I tried to commit suicide three times but a miracle happened and knew that there must be a God who wants me to live," she says. A second tragedy was the Tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Zion lost friends and loved ones but she believes strongly that God spared her life. She now says, "I was inspired to sing songs that will give people hope...In difficult times I want people to know that in time of trouble there is still hope from God."

Today, Zion and her husband have dedicated their lives to serving people in Christian ministry. They care for upto fifty four (54) former street kids at their home; providing their physical and spiritual needs plus giving them skills training. They have an additional 120 other street kids  they are caring for.

Her music expresses her heart's passion as she uses it to worship God. What is her message? Zion says, "I do not focus on myslef because what I want people to know is Jesus and how much God loves." Listen to her new song Nimwe Abashila, click here

Watch the exlcusive interview and hear Zion's story, click here

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