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Monday March 25, 2019
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Apr 2018
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Suffix releals Before I Sleep album art and tracklist.

This May 5th 2018 one of the most anticipated albums of 2018 titled Before I Sleep by Suffix will be officially released. Fans of Suffix have seen him ascend to being amongst the most respected gospel artists in Malawi with expanding influence beyond Malawi's boarders.


What is the story behind his forthcoming album? In his own words, "As we slowly approach the album launch day, I am learning to accept the fact that, Indeed, we weren't promised a smooth path. Being on spotlight is war and the battle should be fought privately through perseverance in prayer, fellowship and studying. Be real. Be righteous. Be relevant. Trust the process and Trust in God." See below the album tracklist

We weren't promised a smooth path...Being on spotlight is war...


Suffix has taken the bull by its horns on a mission to make a killing on this album. The features go from not just big names but massively talented artists from Malawi and beyond. Of course we have heard the classic hip hop inclined Ghetto Ndi Nyatwa featuring American gospel pioneering artist Sho Baraka. Suffix adds on Tio and Pompi of Lotahouse and Esther Chungu all from Zambia, Lilly Million of South Africa, Kelvin Sings, Mista Gray, the multitalented artist/producer Dahlie amongst others.

Suffix is about to change the narrative so yes, keep your eyes and ears on this strong force in music and don't miss out on the experience.

Download the single Ghetto Ndi Nyatwa Feat. Sho Baraka from Before I Sleep album > Click here

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