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Sunday June 16, 2019
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Jun 2018
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TCM Green | Dear Man Feat. Keisha - Download

Dear man is a poem written and described as a letter to the male man.  It's a letter of correction and encouragement to the men of today. It's aimed at helping and encouraging our men of today to become betterby seeking to discover their purpose and who they are in Christ.



Verse 1
Dear man, I write to remind you of your worth,
I write to remind you that you carry much more value than what the world has placed on you,
See dear man
I  write to remind you of who you are, cause you have a purpose dear man,
I write to remind you that before God gave you woman, he gave you work so
please quit chasing those finer things before you become a finer being cause you are a vision carrier,
You give the world sight so please don't blind cause we can't read brail and
we were never taught to feel but to follow,
see you were born leader and in you lies a king, so don't get entangled in these chains of failure and slavery,
these chains of inferiority
cause you are a superior being, a solution provider so don't let the world define and demean you by your flaws,
like on how many times women called you dog, don't walk on your paws, rise roar
Cause you are a lion and lions don't bark, pick up your jacket of pride and boldness
and walk tall like you have got no short comings,
walk with your chest out like its a bullet proof vest and let your feet be
tankers that drive you through these valleys and shadows of death,
wear your crown of wisdom cause you were born teacher
let your wisdom trickle down like perspiration to all your offspring and all generations to come,
teach them to be better men, let them know that their identity is defined by Christ and not man
cause they may call you trash but God calls you a better name.
See dear man it's now time for you to rise, rise, rise above the norms and their
expectations and take flight to greater heights, break the rules of gravity and show them that you were created to soar
Wake up from your slumber and begin to live your dreams, see your
future may seem blurred up but it doesn't matter cause Gods got a clear view,
so follow him as we follow you cause when God created you, he created you to dwell in his presence
cause there you will find your purpose and understand that God did not
create you to move from one woman to the other, fathering so many Children but yet
failing to be a dad, making a mix of people on earth like a football squad but  see dear damn
I need you to understand that you do not become a man by proving your prowess in bed,
see its now time for you to take responsibility, show the world that you might have made
mistakes but you are definitely  not one.
See responsibility simply means responding to ability and so dear man
I believe that you have an ability to become better so respond to it,
I  believe that you have an ability to make the world a better place so respond to it,
I believe that you have an ability to take accountability for all your actions so respond to it,
cause when God created you, he did not create you to sore seeds and let them die
but he created you to be a cultivator, he created you to sore seeds, water them up till
they come to fruition and are able to bear their own fruit so be the leader and spiritual
father of your family, educate them of the truth and be the campus they follow,
cause you cannot lead society if you fail your home,
so dear man move from your childish ways and be the head that you are supposed to be, let
society look up to you like the twin towers and let them feel the impact of your presence like 9-11.

You are the garden, you are the seed. Dear man, don’t forget who you are please.
There will be struggles, they will make you bleed. Dear man, don’t forget who you are please.
Don’t forget who you are please.

Verse 2

Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7,
God forms man from the dust cause he was meant to be the foundation
a hidden structure never seeing but yet is the epitome of all the earth,
built to work the ground so you don't need no earthly sun to be a superman,
cause God's son Jesus makes you your own man of Steel, a provider and a protector so let
the Shaka Zulu in you manifest and tramp over all the fires that may try to burn you down,
rise from the ashes of those that want to see you fall like a phoenix and if you ever
stumble, look yourself in the mirror and speak your sweet soliloquy,
let it reflect the God in you and let it remind you of who you are,
let it continuously echo to you that you were created in Gods image,
so quit seeking approval from your fellow men cause your true identity and purpose is
found in God and he calls you great, majestic, worth-it, gentle loving, kind, caring,
provider and protector, a fighter and a survivor, a conqueror. So please make sure to put
these words on replay cause this time you are the DJ.
Tell me do you see (who you are meant to be) x3
You are the garden, you are the seed.
Dear man, don’t forget who you are please, don’t forget who you are.

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