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Thursday August 22, 2019
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Aug 2018
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Looking at the Zambian gospel music industry, CHH is not as popular as it used to be. We took a look at the popular players today and compiled the top three still pushing the CHH agenda.

To start off, CHH is simply Christian Hip Hop. In this context it meant to imply hip hop music that does not have a neutral (not gospel, no secular) message but instead music that is intentionally 'Christian' that is, deliberately pointing the listener to Christ.

Everyone's bias is often naming the most popular gospel artists when it comes to such discussions. We know many will, without second thought, name Pompi as CHH. But that usually goes without taking a closer look at lyrics. In a time when everyone is trying to break in to the mainstream pool of artist, knowing that's where the party is at, few laborours have remained who are pushing the 'gospel' agenda. Will it be unfair to say the world is following after Lecrae? Maybe not.

Anyway, here is what our list of Top 3 Artists Pushing CHH looks like:


1. Super Rhymer - His name represents exactly who he is. No longer a new name in the game but a true rising star; Super Rhymer is soon to be one of Zambia's household names. (Super Rhymer music > Download here)


2. Tony Grammz - He is in a lane of his own and draws his lyrics from a deep ocean of rhymes and insight. Tired of the usual? Listen to Tony. (Tony Grammz music > Download here)


3. Christ Avenue is bringing a sound that represents Africa. He is on his way to mastering the art of using familiar tunes to preach the gospel. (Christ Avenue music > Download here)

So, what artists do you think should be added to this list? Comment below.

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