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Monday February 24, 2020
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Sep 2018
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What would life be without the ladies? What would the music industry be without them? Year in and out, more and more artists enter the scene and we thought we shine the light on five female stars worth noting. They are fresh voices, fresh talent and all carry great promise of greatness.

zile agape

Zile: Deep! That’s one fitting word to describe her vocal talent and lyricism. Zile sings, writes and plays guitar with a unique soulful vibe. You will probably see her name appear on several concert promotional material; why? She‘s Winning the hearts of many artists and concert organizers with her strong command on stage. Download her single Agape here


Barbara Phiri: Her single “Mulansunga” in September was her official entry track in to the gospel music industry as a solo artist. She joins a class of other popular artists such as Racheal, Trinah & Olivia, presenting a mature and clear gospel sound. Barbara Phiri has a promising career that will impress as she unveils her diversity in music. Download her single Mulansunga here


Nkumbu: Within just three months since she officially released her first single featuring Olivia, Nkumbu launched her Ashes To Bloom Ep with nearly 300 people in attendance. Couple her with a live band and what you will get is a mind blowing experience. Nkumbu's music touches both the young and the old. Who else fuses Afro-Pop and soul like her? No one else. Within such a short period her music has had radio buzz in Zambia and Uganda. The future for her music is bright. Download/Stream her music here


Chantel: She has stayed in her lane and kept true to her style of music. Her music is, no doubt, lovable upon first listen as it portrays her joyful personality. How do we know this? Well, when radio listeners request for your song every week that tells you quite a lot. Chantel’s music is heartfelt and so far has been consistent with a message of hope in God. Download her single Stronger here


Ziyase: It wouldn’t be so mean to say Ziyase and Zile are in the same whatsapp group at this point…and that group only accepts the most elite soul singers from this region. Ziyase is notably comfortable with her music style executed as though she has been in the game for a decade already. She can easily be the most sought after live performer who will never cease to entertain. Stream her single Chikondano here

And there you have it! These are some of Zambia’s newest female entries in to the gospel music industry. We have room for them so we hope they will be on their toes in maintaining their place as musicians. Two pieces of advice we can give to each one of them is:
1. Be consistent – No one stays relevant without being consistent with new music and unique moves within the industry.
2. Be unique – Being relatively new, we hope they will fully discover their unique identities. We are not looking for copycats okay.

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