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Tuesday September 29, 2020
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Feb 2020
Category: New Singles


TMB Hendricks | Daily Victory - Download Full Album here

  1. Conversations - Download
  2. Special People - Download
  3. Daily Victory - Download
  4. Face It - Download
  5. God - Download
  6. I See God - Download
  7. Identity - Download
  8. Movement - Download
  9. Time Frame - Download
  10. Visions - Download

The DAILY VICTORY ALBUM is built on the concept of how people around us and decisions we make affect us greatly. Most songs on the album are a narration of some stories which when one gets to hear about and compare to his or her current situation; Victory is already guaranteed.


Tmb Hendricks, Born as Hendricks Muchemwah, other names Tresfor Muchemwah Blessings (TMB), in Chinsali District of Muchinga province in Zambia, is a young talented artist who grew up in Chinsali District.

As a Kid, Tmb Hendricks loved listening to losts of music and grew up memorising losts of lyrical content from popular Zambian and international songs. At first Genre didn't matter to him as long as he liked the song but as he grew up, he began to yearn only after positive music. This led to his encounter with music from Artists Like Lecrae, Trip lee, KB Hga, NF, Pompi, Mag44, Abel Chungu and many more other artists. Influence from the lyrical content of the above mentioned artists begun to captivate his heart towards true commitment to his relationship with God and as a result Tmb Hendricks gave his heart to Jesus Christ and became born again during his first term in grade 10 secondary school. He later on joined the school's Inter denomination Christian  fellowship group called Scripture Union where his musical talent was gromed as he sang in the praise team.

Upon completion of secondary school education, Tmb Hendricks begun recording some uplifting raps on his phone and would often send them to his friends for their opinion. As opinions kept coming back positive, he finally wrote his first song and recorded in studio for the first time. The feedback he got for the song was amusing to him and as a result it landed him to do more music.

Tmb Hendricks continuously aims at releasing music that can speak to an individual at a personal level. Hence truth is always an ingredient to every bar and melody he writes.

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