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Tuesday September 29, 2020
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Feb 2020
Category: New Singles


ĐJ Møuffin | Together Feat. Josh Thee Artist - Download

Together is a love story about a guy who's told that he's not enough to be with his dream girl. Despite all the negative things he's heard, he's convinced that he's the right man because he's spent the necessary time to study and understand her value.  So he encourages her to look at the future and be confident that they'll always make it because they'll always be together.


ĐJ Møuffin is a Producer / Sound Engineer / Entrepreneur / and most of all a lover of culture and creation.  
He is based in Zambia and has ethnic origins of Congo where he was born and bred for 11 years. He got adopted by his Zambian family. This is where he got in touch with many producers and sound engineers whom he'd met at his church. 
They taught him a lot of what he knows. 
When he discovered that creating was his passion, he quickly looked for a platform where he could bring these creative abilities to life. Music and sound engineering were what his hands found to do at the time, so he invested in getting knowledge through tutorials on YouTube, practicing live sound and making beats. He also tried to get feedback from his friends and mentors, who were extremely instrumental in shaping who he is. 
He believes in music being a tool to uplift and build hearts. So his musical journey will encompass a lot of reflective stories, danceable tunes, a lot of teaching and lots of love. He is currently learning the business side of music so as to create more value for Creative arts in Zambia and Africa. 
I am Møuffin and my creative mantra is "Make it simple yet relevant."

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