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Thursday April 09, 2020
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Mar 2020
Category: New Singles


Church Boys | Chikondi (feat. Tenacious & Minister Mikel) - Download

In Chikondi - the artists bring to light the greatest love and that's the love of God. It is higher than the highest mountain and deeper than any ocean as it is explained in Romans 8.


Church Boys was co - founded by Label K, Jae, Kinkitana & Kinb Isaiah. It Started as a youth dance group called Exodus Dancers in the years 2010 to 2014. The group comprised of both male and female youths who would perform on Sunday services, overnights and other related programs at their church - Pentecost Assemblies of God (PAOG Mpika Central) in the heart of Mpika , Muchinga Province.

The group grew in numbers as  they understood that even David danced before the Lord with all his might such that his wife condemed him. Then down the line, they realized that they could do much more than dancing. Hence, singing and rap gave birth to another group called Church Boyz. Some drew inspiration from Lecrae, Shobaraka and Trip Lee while others drew inspirations from Flame, Magg 44 and many more from the 116 clique as they danced to their songs as Exodus Dancers.

Locally, they grew as they featured events like weddings and reached an extent were they could produce their own songs and CDs. Because of the Church Boys great influence in the land of Mpika, another Group Mushroomed called Church Girls.

Just like the Bible says, we are the church and God can use any medium (people) to minister to His people. The group accepted that they were those people, and rap could be that medium till a point of separation due to schools and later on different geographical work areas. Despite that, they were together in spirit just like they say, 'Once a church boy, always a church boy'. Though they are in different locations and ventures, the group is still alive as ever and late last year 2019, a project was born and a song called chikondi (deeper love) was brought to light. The greatest love is that of God, His love is higher than the highest mountain and deeper than any ocean as it is explained in Romans 8.

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