May 2020
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Temwani Daka | Worshipper's Quest - Download


Temwani Daka | For Us - Download

More than a year after releasing her album, Temwani Daka brings to you 'Worshipper's Quest', a song simply describing the longing to be closer to God. Coupled with it, she also releasing another single 'For Us' from her album. After obtaining salvation, one definitely desires to know more about God, walk with Him as a friend and confidant and 'Worshipper's Quest' expresses exactly that. Be ignited as you listen.


Temwani Daka is a Christian artist born and raised in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia. Born into a family of four children, Temwani was raised with Christian values and personally decided to continue upholding the very same values. Having a passion for music, she started leading worship in church from the age of 12 and has been doing so since.

Temwani released her first single 'Change' in 2017, then went on to release her debut album 'THANK YOU' in March 2019.

Temwani purposes to spread the gospel of Christ through music creatively, specifically emphasizing on the importance of keeping a healthy relationship with God.

Aside from music, Temwani has taken an interest in Radio presentation and has been a radio personality since 2018. She is also currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.