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Monday January 25, 2021
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Jun 2020
Category: New Singles


Sublimation | All Things - Download

All things' is a song centered on Philippians 4:13. It serves as an encouragement, reminding God's people of just how much they can accomplish. Not by our own strength but by God's strength in us.


Sublimation is a Zambian musical trio that aims to spread the gospel through their music. Each beginning their musical journey at a young age, the trio bring a unique and unorthodox style of music that incorporates a blend of different genres. Their name “Sublimation”, means the change of the state of matter from solid to gas and vice versa, without passing through the liquid state. Likewise, they believe that a personal relationship with christ can 'sublimate' the human soul. 
Their mission is to bring the love of God and the fulfillment of a life with christ through their heart felt music.

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