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Monday January 25, 2021
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Jun 2020
Category: New Singles


Saula | Isokolole - Download

A bemba song calling on Jehovah to reveal himself as a true God who created all things and that he alone is our refuge, our shield, the God that fights our battles. The song explains how God wipes our tears, how he heals and makes all things great to all that obey, love and trust him according to his purpose.


Saula is a Zambian Gospel artist originally from Kabwe central province. Saula has been singing since he was 8. Growing up from a Godly home Saula's talent couldn't go unnoticed because of his dedication and perseverance to learn at a tender age.

Saula is known for his powerful, deep worship leading ability through the utterance of the Holy Spirit that ushers people into the presence of God.

He draws his inspiration from his spiritual father Rev. Muwowo, Pastor Teddy, his brother Jehu and has worked with Pastor Gabriel Mumba (Adonai), Gina Mutema, Trio, Elpis Band and these have shaped him in all aspects for him to reach where he is. Jeo Mettle, Tasha Cobbs, William McDowell and Sonnie Badu are other Ministers that have influenced Saula's musical journey.

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