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Sunday November 29, 2020
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Jul 2020
Category: New Singles


Limoblaze, Kelvin Sings & Beracah | Blow My Mind Remix - Download

Following the release and success of the original “Blow My Mind” by Limoblaze, the Nigerian artist saw it fit to produce a remix, and for this, he roped in two of Malawi’s finest (Kelvin Sings and Beracah) who lived up to the bill.
Blow My Mind is a feel-good afro-beats song, and all 3 artists attach their DNA describing the many ways God blows their mind. Kelvin Sings and Beracah are artists who are different in their approach to music, but so alike in the way they carry themselves. This is not the first time the two have worked with each other, and it is their chemistry that complements Limoblaze’s vision, especially with the direction he had for the remix.
Limoblaze has gained prominence in Christian hip hop circles around the world, and as his star continues to shine, he plans to collaborate with artists who he not only finds interest in but is sure the world is ready to also lend an ear to. 

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