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Friday September 18, 2020
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Aug 2020
Category: New Singles


Dee Diniwe | Go Go - Download

This song was written during our high school days as far back as 2005 by myself and a very gifted friend called Mwansa it helped us through many challenges as we sang together and I hope you too are uplifted. Decided to revise the song this year to make it alot more relatable to where iam  now and how I felt God was speaking to me through my personal walk. Go Go basically talks about going into the world and spreading the love of God. There is a scripture that says go into the nations and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, Mark 16:15 and another scripture says God is Love, 1 John 4:8 so if we must spread the word then we must also spread his love as that is the only way to represent him.  The world needs alot more love right now, so many people have lost so much this year it has not been easy but if we all give love and in turn receive love we can all find joy peace and happiness and still have hope for a better life and a better tomorrow. I pray this song encourages even just one person, God Bless.


Dee aka Diniwe is a contemporary, rnb, pop gospel singer who is originally from Lusaka but currently lives in Kitwe, Zambia. Her distinctive personal style of music which was influenced by the likes of Out of Eden, CeCe Winans, Mary Mary etc emanates joy and expresses deep emotion of  who God is to her and what being intimate with God is about. 
As a young girl who was raised in a Christian home she was inspired to follow Christ by her sisters who she grew up singing and praising God with. She got saved at Living Waters Church in Lusaka and later served in sunday school and the church choir. She also had the privilege to be part of DTour band lead by Blessingtone, those where some of the most amazing moments in her Christian walk.
Among many other things, she loves cooking, baking and planning weddings and events which she does as part time business as well. She enjoys her time with family and is inspired to be better by her only son Jeriah who is her greatest gift from God.
“I am a lover of God and enjoy being in his presence. I would like to invite you to join me in this journey of ministry, fellowiship and intimacy with our creator.” 

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