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Monday April 12, 2021
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Feb 2021
Category: New Singles


Jst Jones & Mphanzio | Fragments EP - Download Zip

Destined (Prelude) - Download

Radio Silence - Download

Under A Cloud - Download

Truth And The Life - Download

Transparency - Download

A collaborative effort between artist/producer Jst Jones and Mphanzio Singogo. Delivering musical pieces detailing experiences of not only a common nature but some often unspoken as well. Having being interested in music since an early age, the addition of faith in Jesus Christ only strengthened their outlook on life leading to a different yet appealing sound.


Born and Raised in Botswana, Zambian artist, Jst Jones (formally known as Jones Tembo) first met the microphone as an artist during a 2010 primary school talent show. Despite not emerging a victor he still continued to rap due to the encouragement he received from that day. In 2012 Jones met Christ.”

Developing an interest in music at an early age, Jst Jones, was freestyling daily in order to improve his skill to the point of irritating his classmates, preforming on stages for school talent shows, the usual average story. Whether being someone with social issues or witnessing people who had the very same issues, it eventually lead him to pick up a pen and begin writing about it. Jst jones considers his every experience is motivation to do his music.

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