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Thursday February 25, 2021
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Feb 2021
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The Shays | Perfect Bride - Download

The song "Perfect Bride" is an intimate expression of our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and it further expresses immense gratitude for who he is to us and for choosing us to be his perfect bride. 


Introducing to some and representing to others, The Shays. They are collectively known as Mr. and Mrs. Shamane or Pastor and Lady Shay. Pastor Gomezyo Shamane is the Senior Pastor of Life Reach Church, and his wife, Mrs Shamane, is a co-laborer in the gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. The Lord is using this couple to minister and reach out to the masses in diverse ways including music, writing, preaching and life coaching. They are determined as a union to make God known to their sphere of contact.

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