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Wednesday July 15, 2020
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Jun 2017
Category: New Singles

Bob Phondo

Matt_Hew of Malawi releases new single 'Bob Phondo'

Matt_Hew | Bob PhondoDownload

Matt_hew - Bob Phondo Lyrics

I just woke up and I was like
Oh brother I feel like am Bob Phondo

No slack just Jack
All I do is slay slay
Letswai Lets work
I feel like, I feel like, I feel like, I feel like

I feel like am Bob Phondo
I feel like am Bob Phondo
You can call me Bob Phondo
You can call me Bob Phondo *2

Verse 1
Y'all be thinking I will play around did you
Underrate for those who turn up did you
Not say let's wait tiwone
If you did zikomo(thanks) now I gotta be honest with you

Searching searching searching searching searching
I had to to soul(Saul) search to find the paul in me
playing playing playing playing playing
I used to play now all do is work work magobo(work)

Kuponya step mapazi
Kusewera phada mayazi
Hustle ili m'magazi
Osachita manyazi

Nkhawa ndikupachika
Kutsanzika maluzi
Kuphatikiza uzimu

Am trapping all these rappers
Who are sleeping on bars like they are dabbing
Am rapping slapping some sense in emm
Am making emm to work so seriously

(No slack am back with the logic I call it Mac lines)

Back to Chorus

Verse 2
Joe is enough I don't wanna be a burden to you
Working on my pitch to be perfect
Telling my producer I don't wanna be a burden to you
(You didn't get it)
That's the burden Berra's I just hope you get it fellas

If your slack don't you say am MIA
Paul told me I can do it like ohyi yeah
So everyday am balling
just to point you to my God(guard) no NBA
(Because I don't want them to say)

Christian rappers are broke
All you brothers are flop's
Christian rappers are jokes
All you sisters is pawns

Your slaves to these kings
Your maids to these Queen's
(But) Your feather's for wing's
Your fingers for rings

Let them chit-chat Let's slay let's Dj
If history repeats itself I just set it on replay
Because everyday we charging up batteries
2 Thessalonians 3:6 paste in your diaries

Back to Chorus

we charging up batteries
2 Thessalonians 3:6 paste in your diaries

Back to Chorus

About Matt_Hew
Matt_hew also known as Hewpoet is a rap artist/spoken word poetry artist/writer from the group Beautiful Minds. He is of Malawian origin based in Blantyre, Malawi born ‘Fungaih Matthew Chimwaza”. Matt_hew believes in positivity and the possibity of change to those who choose and accept change. He was awarded as the TMA poet of 2016 by True Malawian ART (TMA) in April 2016. He released his first audio recorded spoken word poetry piece titled “How to Kill a Nation (HTKN) in March 2017. He is currently working a rap project titled "For Those Who Turn Up."


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