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Monday February 19, 2018
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Aug 2017
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 Ready Or Not Ft. Jam Marley - Download

Born Emmanuel Phiri in Lusaka, Zambia. H.D Jehu developed an interest in the Dance hall and Hip-hop culture at a primary level in Lusaka where he was raised. Being born in a Christian family Emmanuel was raised in a God-fearing way He gave his life to Christ at 12 years old during preparation for a children's service at Liberty Christian Centre under Bish. Eddie Mulenga where he is currently serving as a main DRUMMER. Since that time his love for music continued to develop, and would participate in the children's/youth choir frequently. He first recorded his single called "Your Love" in 2014, then "meant to worship" and "Thank you" followed. He is part of a vibrant youth group called the CHACARS. H.D is currently doing a Bachelor of Arts in Library & Information Science and Public Administration at the University of Zambia. Emmanuel later adopted the name "Holistic Dove" which he abbreviated as "H.D", the name was inspired by the works of the holy spirit and the peace it brings in one's life, Holistic from the word Holy and a dove as a symbol of Peace. Later adopted the name "Jehu" meaning "Yahweh is he" just after a sermon titled "The Jehu anointing" by his covering Bish. Eddie Mulenga. His vision is spreading peace and reaching out to the lost through his God given talent with the help of the Holy spirit. Hope to do a track with Lecrae, TIM (fka) Thugga and Petersen Zagaze (dance hall inspiration). He is a "TRAILBLAZER", "New Dawn" and a "CHANGE CARRIER".

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