Dec 2017
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Chachine Ft. Fjay - Download


Born Bright Chansa on the 9th of June in Mansa town of Luapula province in Zambia, where I grew up until I completed secondary school. I started enjoying and creating music at a very tender age of 12 years with the child evangelism passion. At my early ages I used to hang out with friends who were smokers and beer drinkers for many years before graduating from secondary school. Because I never used to partake of the beer and cigarettes, my friends nicknamed me “holic” which was attributed to “holy”. Being a praise and worship leader and evangelist since 2007 has helped to shape my knowledge, Christian values, and faith. Before I left Mansa town I was often discouraged to do rap music in church as most elderly people never accepted the rap genre. As a result, I ended up doing praise and worship with the choir. When I went to the Copperbelt University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in 2012 I met Timothy Marcus Mwandila AKA Timax who was doing rap music at Chi Alpha fellowship. Timax was the first person to produce music for me when I featured on his song known as “Wibembuka Nafuti”. Timax and I later did more songs together as we became strong partners in ministry in campus as well as outreaches in surrounding towns on the Copperbelt. Since the CBU platform, I have had growing passion to reach out to more people through gospel rap.

I’m currently holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. On the music side I’m recording  a number of songs with producers like Shinko Beats, Shom C, Silent Erasor, Fumbani (F JAY), Reverb and many more with plans of recording and releasing a debut album by middle 2018. I usually create songs when I am listening to a sermon and every time I am exposed to new environments and in real life conversations and situations also give me inspiration to write music.