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Wednesday January 17, 2018

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Jan 2018
Category: New Singles

Team ulukuta

 Team Ulukuta includes members Ms Kinah, Blue Flame Gospel, Milzic, EL, Asha, Sam Jr, Eli (Untouchable, Emergency and Ken). Download the Team Ulukuta EP produced by Church below.

  1. Asha, Sam JR & EL | Hallelujah - Download
  2. Blue Flame | First Thing Ft. Ludo - Download
  3. EL | Pray, Hustle - Download
  4. Eli | Boza - Download
  5. Emergency, DMB, Ken, EL, Creast, Milzic, Florik, Blue Flame & Massin | Heman - Download
  6. Milzic | I Like It - Download
  7. Ms. Kinah |  Beautiful - Download

Press Statement from Church
CUI have always had passion to help people with talent because I know the struggle young people face out there. Talent is one thing that our culture does not take seriously. I brought together a group of young artists with different skills and created a team. It hasn't been easy. It has taken alot of patience and encouragement and just showing these young artists that they do have what it takes to be out there and to be heard. I have always wanted to give people a platform to express themselves through music, because that is what I do. I am happy that I can extend my talent and skill to other people which they will also carry to others. Download music by Church here




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Super Rhymer Take Over EP - Download


Olivia | Zanja (EDM Remix) - Download


Holic | Chachine Ft. Fjay - Download

stand up

Given Emmanuels | Stand Up - Download

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