Feb 2018
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Born on 24th June,1993. My real names are Saviour Chilima, Bemba by tribe and I go by the stage name "Boyse". I have been brought up in a christian home/family. Both my parents were UCZ congregants and I also congregate there, and as per church doctrine I got baptized as a child and finally confirmed my baptizm as an adult in August 2016. In short, I am a christian, a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. I can't say that my christianity walk has been all perfect, I have many flaws but I try as much as possible to do things that pleases God. I am a rapper/song writer and and my music is Christ centered. The passion to do music started a long time ago but I started taking this music thing seriously after I did my first song in 2015 called "change me" which was well received by some, and that encouraged me to start writing more. But my main aim is to see many souls won by Christ through my music. I love listening to good music regardless of the genre. I was influenced by artists like macky 2,slap D, eminem, lil wayne, ricky ross but inspired by Gospel artists like Jo-z jay,livin2die,mag44,gEO,church,911,Gabby gp, blue flame, Abel Chungu Musuka, Lecrae, flame, NF, Kb hga, limoblaze, courtney antipas, suffix, trip lee, andy mineo,bizzle,canon and the list is endless. I am currently based in Luapula province of Zambia, Chembe to be specific. I think for now that's all there is to know about me. Peace!