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Thursday March 21, 2019
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Apr 2018
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 Come And See - Download

Come & See Lyrics

Who can do it like this

Who can do it like this, bring things to be through the Word like this?
Man who is like this but our God!! I stand in awe, mouth wide and all of my praise to the throne// Who can free us like this? all of our chains on the ground like there fake, all cause the lamb was slain in our place, oh my God this is crae crae, crazy how you make a way// You split the sea waves and winds they obey, Now I'm walking on dry land in the middle of the sea oh my mind blown away// Iwe bona, I'm between walls of water and I got these angels on guard from my Father, it's only right nilize ngoma to praise and to worship and honor//

Pre chorus
You come and see what the Lord has done, He made me feel like the only one, you're number one oh you're number one, look what You done for me look what You done to me!!!

Chorus 2
I give You the praise You deserve, You could have been gone but you stay

Verse 2
You check out this crowd, their tummies need chow and there's only two fish and five loaves for five thou people, this food just won't equal// But they all are till they were content, and they even had extra food left, look He is God no one compares, He has never failed no one compares// If you ain't hearing this your ear slashed He put your ear back, we was blind and couldn't see He restored our sight back, we was Lazarus up in the grave He gave us life back, Nah homey this is not my life I gave my life back// You bring beauty from ashes, I pray for my Family, I pray for my Friends and these Townships, I pray for these Cities and Nations, let Your hand rest on them build in them testimonies so they'll sing//

Verse 3
Check out the stars oh my God, check out the sun oh my God, check how they light up the world still He calls me the light of the world oh my God!!!, I tell you that we've been through fire, and nights that wanna make you retire, but through it all you gave us Comfort, you gave Marcel and Mary Mecaiah, he a father for him may you come through// Lord how you move our placing from nothing to something man that bread don't form without heat in the oven, I'll tell you about it, the process will hurt but the joy overcome it, we trust in your plans as you build in us greatness we know you won't fail us oh God. we trust in your plans as you build in us greatness we know you won't fail us oh God, We trust in your plans, we trust in your plans we know you won't fail us oh God, we know you won't fail us oh God, we trust in your plans as you build in us greatness we know you won't fail us oh God

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