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Saturday February 16, 2019

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Apr 2018
Category: New Singles


 In My DM - Download

gEO tells another interesting tale as he pursues the path of honest music and lyrics on this song.

Trying to find my focus

Verse 1
Year number 12 on my dating list
Now feels like I’m getting kinda old for this
I just hit my thirties and I'm still a virgin ooh
Yeah i am a Christian I'm the old version ooh
I believe this is the way to play it safe
I wont break a promise cause of safe sex
I know it gets wild flesh is like the jungle ey
But nobody ever died cause they never did it ey

But the pressure’s kinda high in my DM
Trying to keep it cool but I got Anna in my DM
& Sometimes I don’t know just what to do
These games that Anna play gon make me look like a fool ooh

Look at what I found in my DM
This girl is trying to mess up in my DM
I’m not here to waste no time
I’m not gonna waste no time trying to find my focus
From the bottom of your heart you know we’ll never be
Cannot be the man that you want me to be
I’m not here to waste no time
I’m not gonna waste no time trying to find my focus

Verse 2
She say she wanna hook up in the pm
And she want us to chill until the am
She’s living on the edge she’s like 2G
Anna loves the fast life they call her 4G

She likes to slide into my DM
She sending all these pics into my DM
Anna you make it hard I’m trying to focus ait
Demanding my attention you won’t get it ait

Too tight your skirt is too tight
I’m in a corner trying to fight you off
But then this corner’s too tight
Alright let me make it clear
I don’t want another picture
Anna you should have some chill with what your mama gave ya

Verse 3
I’m just trying to be a Christian in my DM
I Don’t want no dirty secrets in my DM
Who you messing with is gonna he found out
I just don’t want to be embarrassed when the truth comes out ey
I’m trying to find my focus ey
Don’t make me lose my focus ey

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