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Tuesday May 21, 2019
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May 2018
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Loose BTS

Loose | Bedtime Stories - Download

Mind provoking and talented artist Loose tells a tale that will blow your mind. Bedtime Stories is produced by gEO.


Bwalya “Loose” Mwanza is a spoken word artist who hails from the city of Lusaka, Zambia. He’s known for crafting persuasive and socially relevant poems that cut across a wide range of subject matters and appeal to both the young and old. His unique ability to communicate with diverse audiences is a skill he developed through years of reading Bible verses before the congregation of St Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, where he had served for 5 years.

Loose has a significant portfolio of performing at corporate functions. In 2016 he wrote and performed “Fairytale” for Stanbic Bank Zambia, wrote and performed “A Million Tourists, A Million Opportunities” for the Zambia Travel Expo, “Africa Is A Feeling” for MultiChoice Zambia and “Fever” for Zambezi Magic’s 1st Anniversary Gathering.

Loose has been an enormous contributor to the upcoming wave of young spoken word artists. His piece “Africa is a Feeling” garnered over 6000 views on Facebook alone. His sharp nature, thoughtful incite as well as capturing delivery sets Loose apart as a poetic innovator of our era. 

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