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Tuesday July 16, 2019
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Oct 2018
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Mwelwa Oncos | Select Few - Download


Mwelwa Chilombo also referred to as Mwelwa onCos is a young creative thinker, story teller, performance poet and a song lyricist born and bred in kitwe city, Zambia.
He is a lively and unique soul who believes that art is a celebration of the things that make us human. He sees that our ability to create is the basis of all Gods gifts that enables us to form what we call Art. Seeing paintings or poems as little pieces of life and consciousness meant to entertain, educate, intrigue and impact audiences.

‘As artists we offer the most sacred parts of our lives to those that watch and listen, in hopes it will change someone.’

Mwelwa has showcased on both radio and television across Lusaka and the Copperbelt. He has also shared the stage with various prolific talents who are spearheading the Zambian creative scene.

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