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Saturday April 17, 2021
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Nov 2018
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Vanity - Download


You gat no time to be in the presence of God
No time to be under the breath of God but why...
Wakondesesa game,waibala pempelo
Wakondesesa ndalama,kuibala yesu ngakamba chani

Mwandi am just saying nikambako che
kuti yesu ndiye umoyo noti munkoyo
Wakondesesa fast life vogwilagwila vochitachita thats a bad life
life ili monga need for speed time ikasila ninshi kwata...


Unabwela pa ndziko pano opanda kantu kalikonse
Mwamene unabwelela
Ndiye mwamene uzayendela fyonse fikashala
You got to focus on christ ivi vonse ni vanity (uzakavi siya x2
You got to focus on christ ivi vonse ni vanity (uzakavisiya) x2

Verse 2:

So dont put your trust in things that will perish and automly fade away
Cause sooner than you know it
Everything will be blown away (blown away)
So tell me what does it benefit a man to gain the whole world
And yet lose he's life
Nganizapo chabe and tell me is it worth it???


Let christ be your number one
Mulivonse veu chita funsa yesu akamba chani x2


Kachiza sakndula commonly known as Kachy is a Zambian international soul, pop & Rnb gospel artist, a song writer and vocalist. He's a Passionate minister of the Gospel of Christ well known for he's unique and Soothing vocals. Kachy has over the years worked with prominent musicians in the zambian music industry. After he's last hit single in 2016 "Destined Child" which received massive recognition, he's performed and featured in different concerts, churchs and other various occasions.

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