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Tuesday August 20, 2019
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Nov 2018
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Ncwele - Download

"Ncwele" means Holy in Ndebele or Zulu.


The Hope City is a Zambian Gospel trio of artists with a goal of spreading love, joy and Hope of God's word throughout nations through music, the trio includes K.E.N, Schneider and Hope Mambo.

Born Kenny Mwantamanya, K.E.N is a gospel musician from Zambia who has been active in the music industry for a while and drives His Inspiration from his Late Grand Mother Catherine Mbewe who was devoted to see him Grow to Keep the Statutes of GOD. His music is highly inspired by the message of the Gospel and is a fusion of Soft touch Worship. Born in Kitwe a small town of Zambia on the Copperbelt Province, the first born in a family of three, he started singing at a very tender age. As a child, Kenny was active in church activities and played a keyboard, writing his first song when he was 15 years old.

In his music career, a lot have continued inspiring him the likes of Ephraim Son of Africa, Nathan Nyirenda, Able Chungu , Michael W Smith, Don Moen, Thomas Jaye, Donnie mchlachane and mainly Mr. Sam Kasaro. K.E.N is a kind, Embracing and Noble young man, a member of Ebenezer The Hope City Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Mark Mwanza and Prophetess Adel Mwanza.

Schneider Chanda was born on 2nd February 1990 in Livingstone, raised in Lusaka Zambia. He is an ambitious and down to earth person who gave his life to Christ in 2010, he then joined the praise team 4 years later and became the sound engineer (one of the things he enjoys doing) at Ebenezer The Hope City Ministries, he then discovered that he could sing and joined the team as a worship leader. He has always had a great passion for music, he is now an upcoming guitar player and artist.

Drawing influence from artist like Pastor Teddy mantanyani, Sera rose Tim and the worship Connection Team, Ephraim son of Africa, Racheal to mention a few. His passion is to continue spreading the word and Love of God through music.

Hope Mambo was born on the 7th June 1991 in a family of two girls and was raised by her grandfather and mother after the Mother passed at the age of 10. She is a Caterer by profession and she enjoys working in this office, using her hands as she takes it as a  God given job she intends to do more than this. Besides her career, she loves singing and dancing which started at a very young age, she could gather her friends to sing with and mostly would lead them when it came to singing and dancing.  In situations where there were no instruments to help them sing, they would use drums and their hands and some times, she would dance to Rumba music, that's how far she has come with her love of music.  Her flavorite singer was Shalamwana and Hlegiwe Mhlaba from the 'big fish'. What is still outstanding in what started at a young age is that, to date, Hope still follows Hlegiwe and also listens to her songs of worship with the same passion she had before as a source of inspiration.

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