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Sunday June 16, 2019
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Dec 2018
Category: New Singles

Doing It

KC & Barry | Doing It  - Download


Doing it to proclaim his Excellencies, because he did it over two thousand years ago, no need to fret because he has already done it, and that why we keep doing it! Perfecting our craft, marrying pen and paper to produce beautiful art, humble as a sheep I submit to his instruction, with swagger like a tiger I make my way to the mic, bold as a loin I speak of his greatness. Shining this little line of mine, wait, no, shining this blow torch of mine.
Umwaka tabwalubeka 2019 is my year, yeah am keep doing it, taking it to the next level, KC Knowledge Ceeker I know sand castles wash away, So I lay my foundation skilful and godly wisdom, with understanding i rise the drought is over, time to soak in his essence, bask in his presence, marvel at his greatness, Its a present continuous tense because we will never stop doing it.

The present can only be changed by the past and the past can only be determined in the perceived present and whilst the future cannot be touched or seen we are constantly editing it.

This is my time, my testimony births boldness, my passion is roar! Labour pains of greatness! My road seems shorter cause i know where am going, all out for the king, maximise every moment, don’t miss your open door, i make a difference cause i embrace my difference. I see a need I’ll meet it, i might be the only one that saw it! I put my faith my trust in the God who starts at the end and finishes at the beginning! New Year! New oil! New Grace! All day! Every Day! Doing It.

It’s a present continuous tense cause I will never stop doing it.
Shallow water is always noisy be still and know God’s doing it, it’s a present continuous tense for you must never stop doing it

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