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Thursday May 23, 2019
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Mar 2019
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Mycall Song Art

Mycall | Fya Fye - Download

The song is inspired by 1st Corinthians 13. Paul says, something to the effect of, “Whatever you do, must be done in love otherwise, its vanity.” He also outlines that Love is the greatest. The Song highlights this message, and inspires people to live in love, and do all they do with Love.


Verse 1

I can speak a thousand tongues, I can speak the tongues of Angels,

I can inspire the people to chaaange, I touch a thousand souls,

Fyonse nakwata (all I have)… ukupela (to give) Umwili wane nu mwenzo wane, (My body and blood)

Vyonsi vyane…( all of mine)


But if I don’t have love…Ninshi fya fye X2

If I don’t have love…Ninshi fya fye X2

Nga Nshikwete ichitemwiko ooooo Its all in vain, it’s all in vain…

Verse 2

I can…

Make the rivers turn red, like the wine of my kings, Make the night cease to rise, and the days rule the world,

Make the poor have in plenty, the things that they seek, Make the orphan see tidings like never befoooore!



Give me love that is real,A peace that is kind, A hope that will last, A joy that is true…

Ichitemwiko, Icamuyayaya…..Gimme Love that is real,A peace that is kind!



Three things abide Faith, Hope and Love

Of these, Love is the greatest…

God over life.


Born and bred in Kitwe, Zambia, Michael Simpasa, AKA Mycall is a young man with a fire for God and the Gospel. He is a creative being with a particular interest in Music and everything art. His Love for music was ignited by his Father who played guitar in his earlier days and sung him to sleep growing up.

Mycall has been singing since he was a kid, but only made the decision to take his ministry public in 2017, and the decision was backed by his first single called “Prodigal Son”, on which he featured Singer/Rapper Josh. Prodigal Son was inspired of the Bible, the Word of God, which is his major source of inspiration other than Nature and His life experiences as well as those of others. His second single called “Fya Fye” is a song that brings love onto the scene as being the greatest thing in Life.

Mycall hopes to inspire and win souls to the kingdom of Heaven with His Music. “I believe this is what God called me to do, it is My Call, and I intend to use it to the glory of God.”

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